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The Friction Brothers

Chicago’s The Friction Brothers consists of Michael Colligan (dry ice, implements), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello, implements), and Michael Zerang (percussion, piano insides). While each member has a lengthy resume on his own, their combined forces have produced an endlessly interesting record full of harmonic resonances, grinding objects, manipulated dry ice, and, of course, heavy friction.

Reedman and dry ice-r Michael Colligan has been a member of The Flying Luttenbachers, Pillow, and Math, in addition to contributions to records by Jim O’Rourke, Smog, and Boxhead Ensemble.

After studying at Julliard, as well as with Anthony Braxton and Morton Feldman, Fred Lonberg-Holm founded the Valentine Trio, a jazz trio that started with the music of Fred Katz and now focuses of Fred’s writing, and the Lightbox Orchestra, a rotating cast of improvisers that work with a lightbox and set of cue cards that provides playing instructions. Ever busy, Fred also performs in Vandermark 5, Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet, Territory Ensemble/Band, Guillermo Gregorio Trio, Keefe Jackson’s Fast Citizens, Joe McPhee Survival Unit III, Boxhead Ensemble, among others. He has also contributed cello to albums by Wilco, Smog, Will Oldham, Califone, etc.

Michael Zerang was born in Chicago, Illinois and is a first generation American of Assyrian decent. He has been a musician, composer, and producer since 1976, focusing extensively on improvised music, free jazz, contemporary composition, puppet theater, experimental theater, and international musical forms. He has collaborated extensively with contemporary theater, dance, and other multidisciplinary forms and has received three Joseph Jefferson Awards for Original Music Composition in Theater, in 1996, 1998, and 2000. He has over sixty titles in his discography and has toured nationally and internationally since 1981 with and ever-widening pool of collaborators. He was the artistic director of the Link’s Hall Performance Series from 1985-1989 where he produced over 300 concerts of jazz, traditional ethnic folk music, electronic music, and other forms of forward thinking music. He continued to produce concerts at Cafe Urbus Orbis from 1994-1996, and at his own space, The Candlestick Maker in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood, from 2001 – 2005. He has taught as a guest artist at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in performance technique, sound design, and sound/music as it relates to puppetry; rhythmic analysis for dancers at The Dance Center of Columbia College, Northwestern University, and MoMing Dance and Arts Center; courses in Composer – Choreographer Collaborations at Northwestern University; music to children at The Jane Adams Hull House. He has held workshops in improvisational music and percussion technique and teaches private lessons in rhythmic analysis, music composition, and percussion technique.

The Friction Brothers
The Friction Brothers
S/T (Sort Of Records/Abstract On Black, 2008)

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