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Paper Thin Stages

Paper Thin Stages

Paper Thin Stages (2003-2008) were one of the most accomplished and musically adventurous bands in Boston’s thriving indie-rock scene. Nate McDermott, John Perotti and Edward Hadley hail from Western Massachusetts, and relocated to the Boston area to attend university and build upon their long-standing musical relationship.

The band worked out complex composed material for close to 10 years, and their unique flavor of rock music always had it’s roots in improvisation. As the creative spark, and the exploration that it allowed, it was the process of revisiting musical accidents that inspired their instrumentation, and subsequently, their melodies.

After writing and recording 5 EPs of overtly structured material — two of which were released as CD-R’s — Paper Thin Stages entered a new phase of creative questioning. Sparked by an idea brought up after the ritual of listening to hours and hours of logged tape to extract what would become the new compositions, the band realized that the improvisation itself could (and should) be the song.

Seeking out questions rather than answers, Paper Thin Stages blended improvisation, loosely structured composition and vocal harmony with untraditional, often minimalistic, instrumentation. The result was the sound of each melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic piece arriving with surprise, yet coexisting naturally through dissonance, resolve, euphony and lull. The music was the process, and the process was the music.

The members of Paper Thin Stages now play in the post-pop group Quoins.

Paper Thin Stages "Flying Hearse"
Paper Thin Stages
Flying Hearse (Sort Of Records, 2007)

Paper Thin Stages "Magnum Puce"
Paper Thin Stages
Magnum Puce (Sort Of Records, 2007)

Paper Thin Stages "Progress Toward Ranks"
Paper Thin Stages
Progress Toward Ranks (Sort Of Records, 2006)

Magic Jar of Jar of Animal (Self Released, 2008)
Paper Thin Stages Lucius! Boon! b/w Battle Of The Blood Sugar Boys 7″ (Self Released, 2005)
Paper Thin Stages S/T (Self Released, 2004)


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