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Jack Wright began playing saxophone in 1952, quit after eight years to pursue an academic life and political activism, and began again in 1979. Very soon he was playing exclusively free improvisation. He began Spring Garden Music as a vehicle for organizing an improvisational music community in 1983, and is still active in encouraging the improvised music scene in Phila. Touring in the US and Europe since 1982, he has been called the “Johnny Appleseed of Free Improvisation”).

He currently plays with about fifty partners, bringing European musicians to the US for collaborations with Americans. These days he is playing mostly alto and soprano saxophones, and as a musical explorer his music ranges widely in vocabulary, depending on the situation and partners. He lives in Easton PA, which enables him to commute easily to NYC and Phila. He has released 40 recordings, samples of which are available at his website:

Alban Bailly, a native of France, began his music path by playing rock his youth. He moved onto studying Jazz, which opened him to free improvisation in the late nineties. In 2001 he studied Arabic music and oud in Marrakech, Morocco.

Back to Nancy, France, Alban became an active performer, playing solo and together with performers in Europe. It is at this period the gypsy and Balkan music intrigued him and took him to Serbia to meet traditonal Eastern European music in 2004.

Since making Philadelphia his home in 2005, Alban has experienced an abundance of opportunity as a composer and a performer, collaborating with musicians from Eastcoast and beyond. Using his guitar and accordion, he plays various genres of music and often collaborates with dancers.

Jack Wright & Alban Bailly "The Harmony Of Contradictions"
Jack Wright & Alban Bailly
The Harmony Of Contradictions (Sort Of Records/Abstract On Black, 2008)

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